Learn Guitar in Just 50 Years!

guitar-1425582-1280x960Okay, you know that’s not true.

It takes much longer than that!

Any musician worth their salt will tell you that you never stop learning. There is always something new to discover even if it’s just another tuning that fires your creativity or a melody you can’t get out of your head.

But what about if you are still in the early stages of your playing life and you want to improve and you see all these “Learn to become a Guitar Jedi  in just 5 minutes a day” type books on offer?

How does that work? Surely it’s not that easy?

Well no, its not, but what all these books are attempting to do [apart from getting you to buy them] is get across the idea that if you use your time wisely then you will improve.

Let us say for example that you are comfortable playing open E,A and D Major but F with that awkward barre on the first two strings just doesn’t ring out properly?

Instead of always practising the chords you know why not just spend a couple of minutes each day putting your fingers slowly onto the F shape and taking them of again?

Now try moving from F to C.

Do this for a few weeks and guess what? That’s right.All of a sudden it’s a lot easier.

Another example of something that looks daunting but wont be if you break it down is learning the notes on the fretboard.You might see a diagram in a magazine or book showing all the notes over the entire fretboard and think to yourself “This is something i really need to learn” and then do what I and countless others have done which is to come up with an excuse not to start learning yet

.I mean look at how many notes there are!

But if you just learn three notes a week starting on the E string at the first fret and move up three frets each week then in a month you will be up to the twelve fret and as there are two E strings you will have just learned a third of the entire neck already!

It’s all too easy to look at everything you need to learn and become disheartened by the sheer amount of it. But if you just break everything down into manageable chunks of information then it becomes easy.

Set weekly goals that you know you can achieve and maintain that system over a year.Slow and steady always wins the race when it comes to learning something properly and by doing this you will always feel you’re progressing and who can ask more than that?




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